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Smartphone vs Feature Phone

Numerous a times Phones Users didn’t know the fundamental distinction amongst Smartphone And Feature Phone yet now you not have to stress. We are going to help you all to realize what’s the contrast amongst Smartphones and Feature Phones.

So Smartphones are those which have propelled registering capacity than highlight telephones. While Feature telephones are low-end gadget with lower-cost.

Smartphones Features:

Cell phone term came into birthplace in 1973 and first gadget came into business sector in 1993 however term Smartphone was utilized first as a part of 1997 by Ericsson.

Cell phone are telephony and propelled processing machines which keep running on Mobile Operating Systems. Portable OS gives you the propelled application programming interfaces (APIs) for running outsider applications which permits those applications to have better mix with the telephone’s OS and equipment than is regular with highlight telephones.

In Today’s reality there are armada of Mobile Operating frameworks yet just Some like iOS, Android, Blackberry Os, Samsung’s Bada, and so on are prominent. Especially iOS and Android have close around 700,000 Apps in their App markets. So from this figure we can figure the tremendous assortment of incorporation of Smartphones. These telephones are not low valued but rather Google’s Android OS has made accessible low value Smartphones.

These telephones likewise have substantial touch shows for simple route. Cell phones can multitask, now multi client profiles are additionally upheld by Android 4.2 os, and so on. Cell phones account 30-35% of aggregate telephones sold for the current year.

Feature Phones Features:

These telephones are low and low value telephones which gives essential usefulness like calling, web access, camera, music player, and so forth however they don’t have exceedingly coordinated application, multitasking, and so on. In any case, now nowadays as innovation advances highlight telephones are likewise getting elements of cell phones yet cell phones are additionally going past points of confinement. So highlight telephones will dependably stay behind Smartphones.

Most element telephones are intended to exceed expectations with maybe a couple capacities like top notch photographs or substantial memory for music stockpiling. Highlight Phones keep running on keep running on restrictive firmware, with outsider programming support through stages, for example, Java ME or BREW.

As of now the vast majority of the world Mobile clients use Feature telephones as indicated by overview 70 percent of cellular telephones sold are highlight telephones worldwide by 2013.


Previously, on the off chance that somebody asked what the significant contrasts were amongst cell phones and highlight telephones, the answer would have been basic. Diverse in both determination and business sector fragment, the gadgets couldn’t have been further separated. Today in any case, the answer is not all that direct.

With the declaration of new scopes of minimal effort gadgets, it’s an ideal opportunity to ask: what is the distinction between a cell phone and an element telephone in today’s business sector?

A feature phone contains an altered arrangement of capacities past voice calling and content informing, however is not as broad as a cell phone. For instance, highlight telephones may offer Web perusing and email, yet they for the most part can’t download applications from an online commercial center.

Highlight telephones are fundamentally low-end cellular telephones. Be that as it may, we should move down somewhat here and attempt to elucidate the accurate meanings of a cell phone versus an element telephone.

A cell phone is a cellular telephone that performs a considerable lot of the elements of a PC, normally having a touchscreen interface, Internet access, and a working framework fit for running downloaded applications.

Cnet characterizes a cell phone as one which hosts a third-gathering working framework. This incorporates the majority of the telephones running Android, and also those that keep running on the Windows Mobile and Symbian working frameworks. Other tech sites characterizes highlight telephones as cell telephones which do not have a working framework and frequently run applications in light of Java ME and BREW.

The distinction is that they have more registering capacities than “imbecilic telephones”, however are lesser element stuffed than cell phones. Highlight telephones have less propelled programming APIs and can’t run local applications particular to cell phone stages.

Today it’s doubtful that the main clear contrast amongst cell phones and highlight telephones lies in cell phones’ working frameworks, which take into account propelled processing capacities, including the capacity to run outsider applications. Aside from the expenses of the telephone, you’d find shockingly little distinction between either gadget.

Cell phones commonly gloat natural touch controls, HD video abilities and fantastic cameras. Current component telephones, by examination, are presently beginning to offer practically identical usefulness, though at a marginally more essential level, with most giving touchscreen innovation, camera and video capacities and pre-introduced applications.

Things are maybe a little clearer comfortable base end, where we can in any case point at a telephone and say “this is a feature phone”. What do you think, need to hear your commitments…